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Halloween Fun For Dogs

spa-halloween_1_720Do you dress up your dog for Halloween? This is our first Halloween with Buster. If we’d been fortunate to have him in our lives when the kids were small, I know he would’ve accompanied them during trick or treating. Perhaps you’ve seen Gwen, a hilariously funny pug, who’s Instagram famous for her costumes. If not, you can see her here. She makes my day!
Our Buster would rather not wear a costume. Bandanas are about as far as he’ll go. That’s fine with us. I just want him to be himself. However, he did receive a special pumpkin-scented spritz from the groomer. At least he’ll smell seasonal!20151003_105127olivia-jennifer_brent-_mabelboolivia
Costume or not, all our pets deserve treats (in moderation, of course). Buster has received Milk Bone treats from his first day with us. Like our human kids, I want him to eat quality products. We know not to give him chocolate or grapes because of how dangerous they are to dog health. But, he’ll never feel deprived of the good stuff with all the awesome treats Milk Bone offers.

These treats are part of the Big Heart Pet Brands along with Milo’s Kitchen, Pup-Peroni, and Canine Carry Outs. There is something for every taste & every breed of dog.
Right now, they have some amazing articles available on throwing a dog-friendly Howl-o-ween Party & even DIY costume ideas. Have some fun and as long as your dog is enjoying him or herself, then it’ll be a good time for all!Brand Logos


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