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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Nowadays, you’d be hard pressed to find a family not impact by bullying. Whether or not your child has been directly impacted, they no doubt know someone who has been bullied.
I’ve spoken more then once about the bullying that both my youngest son & I experienced. Start early to teach kids that it is not okay to bully and if you are the one being bullied, don’t be silent! We have to lose the mentality that it’s just a part of childhood or kids being kids.
To their credit, two specific companies are doing their part to education & support anti-bullying efforts.
Mother Trucker & Co. – 10% of all limited edition Anti-Bullying hat purchases (“Don’t Be a Richard” and #bekind) in October will be donated to

Move over boys! There’s finally a truckin’ hat with just the right cheeky attitude for those high-spirited women on your holiday list! Taking a totally new spin on trucker hats, the Mother Truckers ( are cool must-have accessories with lively, sassy and fun-loving messages befitting any proud woman wearing them.

Baby’s Brilliant – A portion of all in-app proceeds during the month of October will benefit Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center in honor of National Anti Bullying Month. Their new book, It’s Alright to Look Different, is a perfect fit for any anti-bullying features you’re working on. The Baby’s Brilliant App offers a variety of educational and entertaining videos and music for the parent on the go. Created by a busy mother of three, the app introduces babies to the world around them in an enriching and playful way, teaching them concepts like letters, numbers, colors and relaxing them at nap time and bedtime. Invest in your children and a good cause at the same time.

*All info on the companies was provided by their PR.

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