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Where the Wild Roses Grow: Willow Rose

Emma Frost #10
Best-selling author Emma Frost takes a much needed vacation, to Ireland, with her long-time boyfriend, Morten. Checking into a quaint bed & breakfast, the two believe they’ll have time to themselves, child-free. Despite the beauty of the town of Enniskerry, Emma & Morten will not have a relaxing vacation.

During a leisurely walk, Emma & Morten discover a body. Found floating in the water, one could easily discern it to be a typical drowning, most likely accidental. But, in Emma’s world, things are rarely as they appear. Closer inspection reveals that the corpse is carrying a unique item. Between her teeth is a single, red rose.

For whatever reason, Emma feels compelled to delay her relaxation & find justice for this young woman. No one seems to know anything &, honestly, no one seems to care too much. So when a second body turns up that mirrors the death of the first young lady, Emma decides it’s up to her & Morten to figure it out.

Under the guise that she’s simply writing a book about the deaths, they dive in headfirst. What they didn’t count on was the depth to which the town of Enniskerry will go to in order to hide its secrets. Residents are determined to protect things that aren’t known to the general public. Justice in this case will require Emma to go head-to-head with a shady Police Inspector, grieving families, & even the local Church. Is she in too deep this time?

I was thrilled with this installment of the Emma Frost series. Mystery & suspense take center stage in this one. I also appreciate that Willow Rose utilized a very unique plot that was based on actual events. After readers finish the novel, they’ll be equally stunned by that fact. Willow Rose has also toned down on the sex & violence quite a bit in this work. Previously, these two elements came close to overshadowing her talent. Thankfully, the true value of her writing abilities are evident in ‘Roses’.

An enjoyable read, I give it a full 5 star rating.

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