The Valentine Children’s Summer Adventures :Dianne Sibéal Donahoe

timthumbIntroducing a Foreign Language to children can be great fun for them but daunting to parents. Combining story time with introducing new, foreign words can often be the best of both worlds. During the elementary years, even the smallest child will sit & look at pretty pictures. In ‘The Valentine Children’s Summer Adventures’, Dianne Sibéal Donahoe has provided a forum for introducing simple French words while capturing children’s attention with large, colorful illustrations.

Together, you’ll meet the Valentine children along with their farm animal companions. Each page brings everyday words in French & English. Predominately, the book is in English. Every new word is accompanied by the correct pronunciation is parenthesis with its meaning. If you found French troublesome in High School, take heart. These are very easy to pronounce for you and your child.

Young readers will enjoy the tales of events in the Valentine’s lives. They are part of a large family & we meet them all. From beekeeping grandparents to a little bird who needs glasses, each chapter has its own adventure. My personal favorite is the horse, Puccini, who loves opera & adores the children. Also included are two sister cats, a loving bird family, & of course, tales of an enchanted city.

While it could technically be called a chapter book, it isn’t lengthy & about 50 pages total. This includes illustrated, full pages. It is completely family friendly for all ages. If you’re looking for either a foreign language intro book for your homeschool reading corner or a fantastic new book for bedtime, this may be the one for you.

Full info is available through
Picture belongs to the author. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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