The Codex: Daniel Patterson

Readers first met Zack Cole when he searched Guatemala for an elusive Bible. Now, he’s trading sultry jungles for chilly temps. Greenland’s Ice Sheet has almost completely melted. Being that it’s rare enough to only happen every hundred years, the ground underneath is unchartered territory. No one knows what might now be exposed. Zack’s grandfather was enamored with the area & believed there were huge archaeological discoveries to be made. To honor his memory & seek adventure, Zack enlists the help of longtime friend, Father Giovanni. Giovanni agrees to bankroll the expedition. However, he adds a stipulation. If Zack wants to go, he will have to be accompanied by an assistant. But, this assistant is also Giovanni’s niece.

Preferring to work alone, a reluctant Zack takes Sydney with him. Little does the duo know that they’re about to make one of the biggest archaeological discoveries in recent history. Unfortunately for them, they may be the only two to know about it. Facing death, a deadly local legend, & some unscrupulous fortune hunters, God will have to intervene in order to keep them alive.

‘The Codex’ is a fantastic blend of history, mystery, & action. Daniel Patterson, again, has chosen a historical path that is unique. I loved the locale & it’s cultural history. Zack plays the flawed hero wonderfully while his novice sidekick keeps him grounded. Sydney is a tough cookie with a lot of heart, a lot of faith in God, & a quick wit. At times, they make reckless choices but, in the excitement of the discovery, it’s almost expected.

It isn’t an incredibly long read, but it’s full of action. All the historical references fit into the plot without feeling forced or boring. It added a nice element through the plot. I’m hopeful that Daniel Patterson will give us another in this series very soon. If he keeps writing 5 star novels like this, then I will remain a huge fan of his work.


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