The Tyndale Code: Daniel Patterson

‘The Tyndale Code’ is a prequel, novella in the ‘Armour of God’ series.

William Tyndale was a martyr for the Christian faith. His heart’s desire was for every person to be able to read God’s Word. Unfortunately, during the era in which he lived, it was illegal to translate the Bible. This was enforced by the Holy Roman Empire, the then-Pope, & the then King of England. Tyndale endured incredible torture then was burned at the stake. All for daring to translate the Bible.
Despite the eradication efforts, three copies were said to have survived. Of these three, only one is complete. This particular, third copy is the basis for the plot of ‘The Tyndale Code’.

History & fiction merge as we meet Zack Cole. Hired to recover Biblical artifacts, Zack has been asked by a friend to recover the third copy of the Tyndale Bible. To accomplish this, Zack goes to Guatemala. Corruption & gangs abound everywhere. After a treacherous journey into the mountains to the Bible’s last known location, he finds his contact, a priest, dead. Zack knows that the Bible is worth an untold sum of money, but he had no idea that people would kill for it.

As more aggressive hunters entered the ‘Find the Bible’ game, Zack’s simple mission becomes a life or death situation. Aside from being an antique, why are so many people willing to put themselves on the line to find this Bible?

Zack is part Indiana Jones & part James Bond. Exceptionally intelligent, he finds creative yet realistic ways in & out of trouble. As much as I enjoyed Zack’s character, I was rather partial to the adventurous nuns who assist him a bit. They certainly are courageous! Though there are a tremendous amount of Biblical archaeology fiction works available, I was impressed that Daniel Patterson picked one that hasn’t been overdone. In fact, I don’t know of another Tyndale based novel or novella. As a prequel, it definitely piqued my attention enough to encourage me to read ‘The Codex’ which is next in this series.

While there are violent situations, there are no graphic details & it’s minimal. There aren’t any risky situations whatsoever. I am continuing the series based off this prequel. I give it 4 stars.


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