Murder Close to Home: Elizabeth Holly

Book #2 in the ‘A Ruby Flynn Mystery Series’

When we last left Ruby, she was just getting acclimated to a new home, was unemployed, & had just solved a murder. Now, we catch up with her as she launches a new business, Ruby’s Gem. Her new event planning business has started off nicely as she’s about to host a high profile birthday party. Red Palm’s favorite resident, Taryn, is having Ruby plan & host her birthday party.

Preparations are coming along smashingly and it seems nothing will dampen the festivities. At least that’s how it seems. But, when Taryn & her nemesis, Amelia, have a heated argument, things take a dark turn. Amelia collapses while walking away from Taryn. News of her death on the way to the hospital stuns Taryn. They’d known each other for forever & she’s even more devastated to learn that Amelia had been poisoned.

Everyone seemed to have loved Amelia. Even Taryn had a soft spot for her enemy. Who on Earth would want to kill her? Soon Ruby & her best friend, Jade, are on the case. As the wade through the timeline of events on Amelia’s last day, they confront family secrets, stalkers, & of course, the party’s still on!

Book #2 has a bit more depth than the debut did. The focus is predominately on the murder. Most of what we known about Ruby was attainted in the debut. Thankfully, the author didn’t repeat all that info again. The book can stand alone, but I’d recommend reading #1 before it.
As for the plot itself, poisoning may not be unique, but the poison certainly isn’t the usual. That was a nice twist. My only complaint with the plot was: where were the police?

There’s barely a mention of them until the very end. It was almost as if Red Palm’s police force was on vacation for the entire time period! Regardless, it’s a fairly quick read & a nice touch of mystery to past some time. I give it 4 stars.


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