Look Behind You: Sibel Hodge

Chloe Benson wakes from a semi-comatose state to realize she has no idea where she is currently. What she does know immediately is that she is there against her will because she is bound & gagged. Also, she knows she’s underground. After a valiant escape, she runs through unfamiliar woods until collapsing on a road. Found unconscious, she’s brought to a hospital. At that point, she realizes that everything is very, very wrong.

Her last memory is of her husband, Liam’s, 40th birthday party in March. Hospital staff informs her that it’s now May. When the police arrive, she details everything she remembers. Unfortunately, no one believes her. Instead, Liam & those around her, doctors included, believe she’s had a psychotic break. There are a few visible, but easily explainable injuries on her. A bump on the head explains the amnesia.

Things don’t feel right. Nothing Liam tells her makes any sense & she knows in her heart she was truly abducted. What really happened to Chloe? She’ll have to look behind her to move forward.

Sibel Hodge has a great mind for creative writing. It’s unfortunate that she went with the ‘amnesia’ plot that is so popular right now. It seems as if every other book I see involves loss of memory. There were a great many spots where the storyline was very drawn out & repetitive. These spots could’ve been utilized to put some type of incredible spin on the events. It could’ve done with a bit more excitement.

As for Chloe, she is a proactive heroine. I always like when a victim doesn’t act like a victim. Liam’s character is meant to be a jerk & it’s done well. The police characters did shoddy work, relying too heavily on Chloe to provide their investigation to them all tidy with a bow. There were too many doubts surrounding all the events for them to just give up trying at certain points.

Of the two novels I’ve read by our author, I much prefer, ‘When the Memories Lie’. Although readable & decent, it’s a 3 star rating from me.


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