Madness in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

Cinnamon’s mind isn’t filled with sugar plums; instead, visions of her upcoming wedding dance in her head. Daniel is set to assist with an investigation in California & she is busily preparing for the wedding. Thanksgiving is upon them as Cinnamon cooks up a gourmet feast for family & friends. Even her favorite cousin Marie has arrived. If it seems like things in Christmas River are going too smooth, you’re right.
After the huge Christmas Tree Lighting Event, the tree is horribly vandalized. Everyone is angry & devastated. But, Cinnamon has bigger fish to fry. Marie comes up missing. Known to be a drifter, no one panics until days pass without a word. To make matters more mysterious, an ornament containing an old picture of a teenager is left on Cinnamon’s porch.
Between Marie & the boy in the photo, it appears that Cin has two people to find. This certainly puts a damper on the wedding prep. As she struggles to keep it all together without Daniel around, she’s troubled by her ex-husband’s reappearance in town. This is supposed to be the happiest time in her life & everything is falling apart. Can this mess be sorted out before the wedding?
Book 3 in the series, ‘Madness’ is more focused than the last outing. There’s definitely more character development in the surrounding characters than in the last book, too. Daniel has manned-up a bit & seems to have shaken the victim mentality that drove me nuts about him. There was more concentration on the mystery portion of the plot than the romance which made for a much more enjoyable storyline. Hopefully, the kinks are worked out now & we will continue to see 4 star books like this one from Meg Muldoon.


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