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Mayhem in Christmas River: Meg Muldoon

‘Mayhem in Christmas River’ is the second book in the ‘A Christmas Cozy Mystery’ series.

Cinnamon, of Cinnamon’s Pies, is back for more. After solving a murder & finding renewed love, she expects life to go back to normal. Unfortunately, she should have known it wasn’t to be.
Although Christmas River hosts the holiday year round, it’s time for their July parade & festivities. Tourists gather & townsfolk prepare to once again celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. However, there’s a humbug in their midst. Christmas isn’t the target, but shop owners are a different story.
Unfortunately, this humbug is also a firebug. Kara, Cinnamon’s best friend & ornament shop owner, is the first victim. Having to bow out of her role as Mrs. Claus to handle her crisis, she hands the role over to Cinnamon. But, when the arsonist’s next fire also involves an actor in the play, Cinnamon worries for the safety of her store. Can the arsons be stopped before Cinnamon’s Pies is destroyed?
As if dealing with this isn’t enough, Cinnamon & Daniel are having relationship issues. Added stress from his investigation & her working too much isn’t helping. Can they weather this storm?
By far, the debut mystery was the best. While I enjoyed the idea of having the series deal with something other than murder, it was much more of a romance novel than a mystery. The entire mayhem story seemed more like an afterthought for the majority of the novel.
Cinnamon is a still a strong lead, but I didn’t like most of Daniel’s interactions with her. He is still a great character but he seemed more subdued & lackluster than in the previous book.
I enjoy the series as a whole & will continue with it; however, this outing is a 3 star story.

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