Raveled: Anne McAneny

Sixteen years ago, Allison Fennimore’s life was irreparably altered when her father was convicted of 2 murders. High school golden boy, Bobby Kettrick, & local girl, Shelby Anderson, were both found murdered in separate homicide scenes. Artie Fennimore was arrested for both crimes. As a result, their small town turned on Artie’s family making them social pariahs & resulting in Allison being sent to her aunt’s to live.

Now, a grown-up Allison, living far from the town, has received a call from her brother, Kevin. Serving some time in a rehab facility has given Kevin ample opportunity to think about the events from their past. Due to years of substance abuse, Kevin has repressed many of the facts of the cases. Something is gnawing at his memory. Knowing his hands are currently tied, he appeals to Allison to launch her own investigation.

Against her better judgment, Allison goes to stay with their mother who is currently battling the early stages of dementia. Mom isn’t much help as she fades in & out of reality. But, the major players from that fateful night are still in town. Perfect timing for Allison also provides a high school reunion where Bobby’s best friends can be found.

Reliving the worst time in her life won’t be easy & it soon becomes obvious that none of the Fennimores are wanted in Lavitte any more. With the help of a kind-hearted detective, Allison starts the case over from scratch. Was her father really a cold-hearted killer or a scapegoat for something more sinister?

‘Raveled’ is an incredible mystery. Anne McAneny has a gift for taking cases that could be featured in any town’s newspaper & making them into extraordinary novels. As pleased as I was with reading ‘Skewed’, I liked this one even more. There’s just something amazing about a novel that makes you really think about what the outcome will be. With all the intricacies of Artie’s case, it was very difficult to figure out just what was really going on until the end.

Every character was believable & Allison played the perfect heroine. She was fearlessly protective of her family & willing to put herself on the line for them. No doubt many families who’ve had loved ones in prison have gone through similar circumstances. Although she’s a fictional character, Allison can serve as a role model to those families. She stared a judgmental town in the face & stayed strong.

I know it isn’t easy for author’s to utilize past & present scenes to flow seamlessly, but Anne McAneny has nailed that, too. I look forward to more of her works in the future & highly recommend this read with a 5 star rating.

*For sensitive readers: There are some sexual scenes in the novel. Once you begin reading it, you’ll seen that they do fit into the plot & aren’t there as a an afterthought.


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