Skewed: Anne McAneny

Thirty years ago, Bridget Perkins was shot in her home. Young, with her whole life ahead of her, Bridget was also pregnant with twins. Jane & Jack were born while their mother, who later died, was comatose. Currently incarcerated for her murder is their father, Grady McLemore. Although convicted, he has maintained from the start that there was a third person in Bridget’s home that night. Someone who is truly responsible for Bridget’s death. From behind bars, he’d continued to argue that a person had attacked him from behind, causing his gun to go off, shooting Bridget in the head. Police never found any evidence to validate this claim.

Both twins grew up hounded by media attention & nicknamed The Haiku Twins. Grady’s insinuation had forever been that a serial killer, known to the press as The Haiku Killer, had been the infamous third person. In fact, Grady insisted that Bridget had received a haiku poem similar to the other victims in the case. Many believed it was simply a ploy to refocus the investigation. No one had ever caught the Haiku Killer. He or she simply vanished into urban legend.

But, Jane & Jack grew up motherless & fatherless under the loving eye of their grandfather. Over the years, they’d continued to receive attention from conspiracy theorists & fans of the macabre. Jack had turned to fighting crime as a career & was currently seeking the position of Attorney General. Also in law enforcement, Jane was working as a crime scene photographer.

Accustomed to receiving unwanted attention, Jane wasn’t surprised when she received an envelope from an unknown sender. What did surprise her was its contents. Photos of her mother’s almost lifeless body at the crime scene. If Grady had been incapacitated as he claimed, then where did these pictures come from?

Having never given any credence to Grady’s claims, Jane is now forced to admit that this changes the ballgame. As she begins to re-evaluate her mother’s death, things become more distorted & truth becomes lies. Worse still, there could be an innocent man in jail & a maniacal killer on the loose. Bridget’s death is approaching  thirtieth anniversary. Can Jane discover what really happened to her mother before she becomes a repeat of history?

‘Skewed’ is one heck of a mystery. I went back & forth with what I thought was really going on. Jane is a very likable character. Her only flaw was that she behaved as if she was a policewoman rather than a freelance photographer. I don’t know if too many detectives would have let her essentially run the case the way she did. Jack’s role made more sense as he had political ties to rely on & an actual law enforcement background.

Even with this misstep, I loved the unique plot. Our author put a great deal of thought into it. I love a book that keeps me guessing & this one is definitely it! I recommend you look into reading this one for sure. It’s a 5 star novel.



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