The Prettiest One: James Hankins

Caitlin Sommers knows her name. That’s about it. Blood is on her clothes. Her thoughts are fuzzy. At least she knows her name. After realizing that she’s all alone in a parking lot, she finds enough mental clarity to understand that she has no idea why she is there. Quick introspection shows her that she doesn’t remember anything other than the moment she’s in now.
Feeling a desperate sense of urgency, though she has no idea why, she begins a life-altering journey to discover who she is or may be. Unfortunately for Caitlin, there are a lot of things she isn’t going to like, many people she won’t want to meet again, and facts mixed irrepairably with fiction. Who is Caitlin Sommers? What has happened to her and what has she done?
‘The Prettiest One’ is one of those thrillers that requires a vague review in order to not spoil the entire novel for future readers. Caitlin’s character is multi-dimensional and there will be many times readers will need to shake their heads in order to process passages that they’ve read. There is definitely a mystery component so it isn’t exactly, strictly a thriller. I’d absolutely add that there is a great deal of suspense.
Alert readers may begin piecing the puzzle together, but most will be surprised with the story’s true direction. I certainly was.
Both sex & violence are included; however, it really is minimal considering certain aspects of the plot. I wouldn’t consider either to be gory or excessive. ‘The Prettiest One’ is the first of James Hankins titles that I’ve read.
After seeing how well he crafted this one, I will most definitely be seeking out another of his works. The novel is lengthy in some sections with a little bit of repetitious dialogue. Several of the characters were a bit boggling in their actions & reactions. There were more than a few times that a literally shook my head in disbelief at their lack of emotional response. I suppose I’m basing that on myself & how I’d personally react in specific situations. Hopefully, I’d show a bit more sympathy to certain folks in certain predicaments.
Regardless, I became very invested in Caitlin’s journey. I needed to know the truth about her life. That’s the sign of a good read. So, I rate it a solid 4 stars & recommend you give it a go.


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