The Piccadilly Pickpocket: Karen Charlton (Short Story)

Prince George has fallen victim to a pickpocket. While strolling along, his cherished pocket watch is taken. Constable Woods, faithful friend of Detective Stephen Lavender, attempts to help but, although successful in reclaiming it, is viciously assaulted in the process. Injured, Woods accepts the help of a passerby & the watch is stolen- again in the process.
Now the race is on to find the watch a second time. With Woods badly hurt, Lavender is on his own for the most part. However, he isn’t the only one looking for the second thief. There’s a Bow Street Officer who was unable to protect the Prince & therefore is attempting to redeem himself by finding the crook. Of course, the initial pickpocket wants his prize back. Plus, there’s a reward at stake for the watch’s recovery. All the while, the powers that be are trying desperately to keep royal dirty laundry out of the press.
Unlike most of his cases, this one is personal to Lavender. After all, the thug assaulted his best friend. Our detective will need all the tact, intelligence, & speed he can muster to bring this case to a close.
I always enjoy reading about the adventures of Lavender & Woods. While there is a sequel soon to be released in the full-length series, it’s nice to keep current with the guys via short stories. This particular one was more action than mystery aside from the uncertainty of the second thief’s identity. Most of the plot centered around our duo trying to best the original officer on the case in order to bail Woods out of his embarrassing ordeal.
Regardless, it was a pretty fast-paced short story as we follow the amazing race for the watch. It’s a great short read for fall especially if you have to wait in line to pick your kids up or waiting in a doctor’s office. As usual, Karen Charlton has penned a solid 4 star story.


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