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Clearer Skin in 30 Days with Exposed Skin Care

20150904_131351Let’s be honest: Most acne fighting skin care lines are not easy on your skin. I’ve tried just about every one that can be named. Most work great for a while than quickly lose their appeal. Some cause immediate irritation. Others result in horrible peeling.

I never had any skin issues until I had my first son. Then, I became acne-prone with spots of oily & spots of dry. Now as my age elevator nears 40, I find myself worrying about how products will also affect wrinkling & other signs of aging. While many products boast that they treat adult acne, they seem much more suited to my teenage son than me. I shudder to think how much money I’ve invested in products with guarantees about how awesome they would be. Of course, they always work on television, don’t they?

So, naturally, I was skeptical when approached with the Exposed Skin Care line. After all, we, as consumers, have all heard the endless claims of ‘all natural’ & ‘pure’ products. Before the products arrived, I went to the website ( ), looked around, & read the information. I was shocked to see they not only guarantee 30 days to clearer skin, but also a one year money back guarantee. Now, that’s new. Similar companies only back their lines for 30 or possibly 90 days. A whole year suggests that the company truly believes in their quality.

Next, I was amazed at the incredibly fast shipping. Their customer service said 3 days- it arrived in 2. What better way to care for your customers than to do better than they expect? They go one step further, too. If you send them empty bottles of ANY product from another company that didn’t work for you, they’ll give you a $25 credit towards Exposed products. That’s phenomenal & more confirmation that this is a company that backs its products.

Let’s take a look at what’s included in the Exposed Kit (the one I received). Three kits are offered: Basic, Expanded & Ultimate.  My kit is the Expanded. First, we have the facial cleanser. I found it to be incredibly gentle. It is also the first cleanser I’ve seen that ‘regulates oil production’ via Pro-Vitamin B5. Who knew a cleanser could do that? There was no drying whatsoever after using it. Usually, my skin feels dry, like all the moistures been sucked out of it. This time, it just looked clean without the dry.

20150904_131410  Directions on the bottle pretty much tell you the order to use the products in so up next, I used the Clearing Tonic. Tonic isn’t something I’ve used before (though other manufacturers may call it something different). Of course, saying it clears pores isn’t new, but the words ‘reduces inflammation’ caught my attention. That has always been my main complaint with acne products. Irritation & inflamed, red skin are always the result. But, this tonic went on smoothly without any tingling, burning or other unpleasantness.

Two serums are included- Acne Treatment & Clear Pore. The Acne Treatment alone trumps any other product I’ve tried. That includes ‘models’ tricks’ for quick fixes such as using Preparation H & an ice pack to shrink pimples. Don’t laugh- it usually works!  You may not think of pimples being related to bacteria, but it is indeed an unpleasant truth. Exposed’s serum kills this bacteria while promoting natural, healthy healing through tea extracts. We’ve all heard about the benefits of green tea so we shouldn’t be surprised that it’d be good topically, too. Again, I experienced no drying, no burning, no nasty side effects. Several pimples were annihilated by day 3 of using the serum.

The Clear Pore Serum works the night shift. Here again we see our friend green tea along with a new powerhouse- Licorice Root. For me, this was a newbie. According to the product info, Licorice Root reduces inflammation. Together this all natural duo helps damaged skin. I have definitely noticed a difference in my sleep-deprived skin. It has a more rested appearance all around.

At first glance into the kit, you’ll see what looks a lot like an Ace bandage. But, it is something way cooler. The Derm-X Cloth is included to provide exfoliation, soothing, & evening help to your face. It’s just the neatest thing. Isn’t it amazing how something that looks so simple can be so fantastic? I love it. I’m also a big fan of the Moisture Complex. When they say ‘lightweight’, they mean it! It goes on so lightly & absorbs so thoroughly! Once again, it has green tea extract in it plus caffeine & pumpkin seed. I’ve heard good things about pumpkin in products but it must be the three-way combo that makes the difference in this moisturizer. No side effects from this item either.20150904_131434

Off all these, I was most excited to try the Microderm Scrub. Microderm products, whether it’s creams or gadgets, can be rather pricey. It isn’t something I’ve been fortunate enough to invest in. But, this scrub (priced affordably at $30.95), gives all the others a run for their money! All natural crystals are the key to eliminating dead skin cells. There were particularly dry spots on my face that I was desperate to get rid of & this scrub did the trick with the first use. Only needed once or twice a week, the tube will last a while & I can’t tell you how pleased I was to see it’s effectiveness.

Since we’re all only blessed with one face per lifetime, it’s best to treat it right. From drugstore finds to monthly subscriptions, I’ve been there, done that. But, when I find a product(s) that works, really works, I want to tell you, my dear readers, about it. Exposed Skin Care works.

They’re a good company run by good people who produce good products. Competitively priced (the Basic Kit is $49.95) skin care that does its job is not a myth. It can be easily found at


I received the aforementioned product(s) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. I am NOT a dermatologist. I am a consumer with my own opinions & review items with integrity & without bias.

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