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Desolation Sound: Fraser C. Heston & Heather J. McAdams

image001SYNOPSIS: This evocative Northwest Noir thriller, set in the misty islands of British Columbia, will keep you on edge until
its astonishing conclusion. Based on a real-life, unsolved mystery. Seattle homicide detective Jack Harris–a depressed alcoholic, prone to violence, was kicked off the force for killing a killer. He retired to the Gulf Islands and a quiet life of fly-fishing, sea kayaking and heavy drinking, to
escape his demons. Until he finds the 13th severed human foot to wash ashore since 2007. RCMP claims there are no signs of foul play, but as Jack says, “Two feet is an anomaly, three to four statistically curious, six to ten, you
have to think dirty. But thirteen feet? Seriously?”
Blond female runners have been disappearing lately in the lower mainland. RCMP corporal Liz MacDonald–an obsessive, ambitious, rookie detective was kicked off a case for beating a suspect. She fits the victim profile perfectly. Young, good-looking, blond long distance
runner. She also happens to be convinced that these disappearances are linked to the severed feet. Liz and Jack team up to catch a sadistic serial killer before he catches them.

MY THOUGHTS: I was more than a little intrigued when I read the synopsis. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. Our team of Heston & McAdams have a definite winner here & I truly hope they’ll keep this going as a series. For me, a huge plus was having the plot involve the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
Too often, authors stick with American police procedures & FBI storylines. It was a refreshing change to read about the efficiency of the RCMP & how their laws differ from those here in the US. I have to give bonus points for an excellent female lead as well. Corporal MacDonald is not afraid to show off her brain power & athleticism. Even though her job title is officially a Media liason, she was not shy about asking for additional work & definitely not afraid to break a nail. She remains feminine but still a policewoman through & through.
Jack Harris is perfectly imperfect. He’s upfront about his personal demons & sticks his neck out for the RCMP although he didn’t have to do so. Despite being from the US & retired, he tries to remain respectfully within the bounds of those working, currently in law enforcement. Sure, he takes a little creative liberty here & there, but for the most part, he does try to be a law-abiding citizen.
As nutty as this may sound, I enjoyed the severed foot storyline. Gruesome, yes, & morbid, but very unique! It’s not often that a thriller/mystery has only a single body part to go off of & no sign of the rest of the body. Readers will be intrigued with this aspect until the very end.
My only complaint was that the book wasn’t long enough! That’s something I rarely say. But, for its brevity, our authors worked with a limited cast of characters-all important to the plot- that gave us enough evidence to solve the mystery on our own (maybe). I was back & forth until the final chapter.
I will be looking for a sequel. I recommend you give this one a try. It’s a 5 star rating from me.
You can find out more about the authors & book here:


On sale August 11, 2015,

200 pages / $9.99 paper, $4.99 ebook / ISBN-13: 978-1514193945 


I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. ALL opinions are mine.


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