The Mystery of the Skelton Diamonds: Karen Charlton (short story)

Karen Charlton delivers ‘A Detective Lavender Short Story’ starring Detective Stephen Lavender & his ever-present sidekick, Constable Ned Woods.
Detective Lavendar has been summoned to the estate of a member of Parliament, the Honorable Joseph Wharton, to investigate the theft of a priceless set of jewels. Apparently, between leaving their home & the carriage, Wharton’s mother discovered them missing. Meeting up with his old friend, COnstable Woods, Lavender enters the world of the wealthy to try his hand at solving the crime.
Coachmen, servants, & maids all had access. But, then again, so did Wharton himself & his ornery nephew. While the aristocrats are convinced a servant is to blame, Woods & Lavender aren’t so sure. From luxury to seedy backstreets, they’ll leave no stone unturned until they discover the truth.
Despite being a short story, Karen Charlton has packed quite a bit into her plot. I’m pleased to see the return of this dynamic duo & look forward to the next full length novel. Charlton’s brief supporting cast add color & depth to the plot without her having spent too much time on their development.
Perceptive readers will piece together the clues in perfect timing with Lavender. However, this is the perfect, quick read to occupy waiting time at a doctor’s office or other such appointment. I read it in less than an hour & it definitely added a nice respite to a hectic weekend. Four stars is my rating.


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