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The Good Neighbor: A.J. Banner

Dr. Johnny McDonald & his wife, Sarah Phoenix, appear to have the perfect life in the perfect neighborhood. Sitka Lane is a beautiful place to live with only 6 neighboring houses. Children’s author Sarah spends her days writing while John runs his dermatology practice. He often travels to medical conferences, leaving Sarah safe at home. But, Sarah is far from safe on Sitka Lane.
Awakened by a loud noise in the middle of the night, Sarah rises in time to see her neighbors’ home erupt in flames. Without regard to her own safety, Sarah is able to save the life of little Mia, though her parents aren’t so lucky. Before she loses consciousness thanks to falling debris, she witnesses the flame reach her own home. Having lost everything she & JOhnny owned, they accept a generous offer from the local realtor to move into a cottage nearby.
Plagued by nightmares, Sarah is unable to shake the feeling that something sinister is going on. When the fire’s investigator confirms arson, Sarah’s world tumbles. Who would want the couple dead? inconsistencies are evident in every neighbor’s story- including Johnny’s. Life at the cottage doesn’t make things easier, either. Her new neighbors seem odd, but is it her own paranoia? When lies are told & lines of trust are blurred, Sarah doesn’t know who she can trust anymore.

One thing is for certain- one couple is dead & Sarah isn’t safe.

A.J. Banner has crafted a great, psychological thriller. As a heroine, Sarah does come across as a bit too trusting and definitely naïve. However, she’s gutsy & a fighter. There is enough back & forth to keep readers guessing about what exactly is going on. Those readers who’s preferred genre is mystery will probably figure it out before the last page. Regardless, I enjoyed it as a great suspense novel.
It’s close to squeaky clean with just a bit of ‘content’ here & there without being distracting. I’d actually like to see a sequel & more from this author in the same genre. For me, it’s a 5 star novel.

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