A Lime to Kill: Summer Prescott

‘A Lime to Kill’ is the first book in ‘A Key Lime Culinary Cozy’ mystery series.

Marilyn loves Key Lime pie so much that she’s built her business around it. Divorcee & single mom to Tiara, she opened SubLime Sweets to provide a nice existence. So far, it has been a dream. Steps from the beach & surrounded by desserts, she’s quite content with her life. As a small business owner, she’s become accustomed to a regular stream of usual customers & has done the majority of the work herself. However, when Tiara begins bookkeeping for the business, she is astounded at just how popular Marilyn’s business has become.

In fact, Marilyn is able to add a helping hand in the form of baker, Susan. With additional hands in the kitchen, Marilyn & Tiara are able to spend more time in the front of the store. This explains how Tiara was present when one of their favorite regular customers, Fergus, collapses just outside the store. He been fine a minute before. Investigating Detective Cortland of the Key West P.D. determines that Fergus was poisoned. Unfortunately for Tiara & Marilyn, toxicology points the finger at their signature dessert.

Baking will have to take a backseat as Marilyn works frantically to clear her daughter & herself of any wrongdoing. Who used her lime to kill & why Fergus?

Summer Prescott’s introduction to her series accomplishes . Readers are filled in on the relationship between Marilyn& her college-aged daughter. Business aspects are quickly discussed without too much unnecessary detail while there’s clarity on the store’s mission & popularity. Fergus is efficiently introduced as is new baker, Susan. Additional characters are added without clouding the plot. I love a good mother-daughter team & these two are no exception.

For a short novel in true Cozy Mystery fashion, ‘Lime’ is a great read with enough detail to understand the murder mystery aspect, but yet has enough character mix to give readers pause to figure it out. I will be reading more of the series & hopefully it will maintain its quality.


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