Daisy McDare & the Deadly Art Affair: K.M. Morgan

Don’t let the innocent looking blonde on the book’s cover fool you: Daisy McDare is one spunky lady. Normally, Daisy is an interior decorator with a strong addiction to sweets. However, phone call from a long-lost friend changes all of that. Kara’s call takes Daisy to the town of Whistling Winds in order to decorate Kara’s new home.
Marrying a famous artist has provided Kara with wealth beyond belief. Her mansion is breath-taking & cared for by a gardener & live-in maid. Also inhabiting the home are Kara’s stepchildren, Bridget & Eric. Both are mooching off their dad’s millions while harboring grudges on Kara for breaking up his marriage to their mother. Eric & his dad, Luke, are at odds over Eric’s gold-digger girlfriend, Sasha. Bridget cares only for the next shoe sale. Their mother, Quinn, has decided that she’ll publish a tell-all book & has also begun a new feud with Luke.
As if this isn’t enough drama for the family, it appears that Luke has the happy hot pants for the maid, Anna. Gardener Luke has made it known that he’s sweet on Kara. Whew!
It doesn’t take long for Daisy’s head to spin from the mess she’s walked into, but she tries to concentrate on the decorating job. Unfortunately, that’s not to be. Less than 24 hours later, Luke is found murdered in his studio. Investigators will have their hands full with the motley crew of suspects in front of them. When the finger pointing falls on her friend, Daisy decides she’ll have to get involved.
Putting aside her throw pillows & vases, she launches an investigation of her own. Can our cookie-chumping heroine save the day?
‘Deadly Art Affair’ is the first book in the ‘Daisy McDare Cozy Creek Mystery Series. Despite the svelte looking lady on the cover, our leading lady seems to munch incessantly on sugary treats. I wish I had her metabolism! A tad naive & a tad flighty, Daisy would be the last person you’d expect to be so gutsy. But, she jumps in head first, confronting every possible suspect.
At times, the dialogue gets a little cheesy & cliché. This is especially true when Daisy interacts with her dog & her two best friends. However, the author did a decent job of providing character development & enough plot twists to give the novel depth. This can be difficult with a ‘Cozy Mystery’. But, she was able to pull it all together to present a good, quick read that’s enjoyable as well. I give it a four star rating & will continue with the series.


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