Add Some Sizzle to Your Beauty Routine with Beauty Box 5

When July heat hits, most of us are more concerned with staying cool than just about anything else. It’s hard to stay perfectly coiffed & made-up when the heat hits three digits. These are the times when less is more: less make-up, less time, less stress. Beauty Box 5 provides these as well as less money that you’ll spend. As a monthly subscription service, for $12 per month, you’ll be treated to 5 new or new-to-you products via postal mail, each month. As an added plus, each box has a theme such as streamlining your routine.
For July, we have 5 products that allow you to create a beautiful look with minimal effort. That sounds perfect for summer.
20150718_092450Veteran BB5 company, Nanacoco is making it’s summer return. We’ve seen quite a bit of them in the BB5 boxes. If your weather forecast predicts that it’ll be too hot for closed-toed shoes, then perk up those toes with a pop of color. At $3 per bottle, MSRP, it’s economical & fun to change colors to match your sandals or go for the gusto with colors you’ve never dared to use beforehand. Most often, my toes are in a shade of red (I guess I’m a traditionalist), but the shade of pink called ‘Kissing Lips’ is really cute. It’s not too girly & dries quickly which are both worthy of a thumbs up.
Pur~lisse Flash Tattoos caught me by surprise when they were included this month. ‘Flash Tattoos’, $9 MSRP, are sparkly, accent pieces that are cut to fit fingers, arms, etc. Maybe I’m getting old (okay, not maybe, I AM), but I found these to be a little juvenile for my taste. Twenty years ago, I’d had thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. So, perhaps for those who don’t want a commitment from a permanent tat or are feeling adventurous, these may be right up your alley. I’ll leave this one open-ended for your own personal preference.
20150718_092434 OFRA brings us two products this July. Both are for your lips. Generously, they’ve provided full size products. First, to create your perfect pucker, their lip liner is available in assorted colors for an MSRP of $13. Claiming a day to night lasting ability, I found it fell short after lunch when applied in the morning. For sure, it didn’t make it through multiple glasses of water. I used it as I normally do with lip liner & filled in rather than just lining. I applied it underneath their second product, OFRA’s Lip Gloss. I didn’t use the gloss alone, only with the liner beneath. Unfortunately, the liner lasted only slightly longer than the gloss which would need re-applied frequently for an all day look. As for the gloss, it’s MSRP is $12.95.
20150718_09240120150718_092420Love Life Skin is company with a great story. Originally, their line was created to assist chemo patients’ sensitive skin. That’s fantastic! More companies should have lines devoted to caring for chemo patients & those undergoing specific treatments. I like how it is as soothing as it claims to be. My skin did show some benefits of using it & their line has an MSRP of $25-$30 depending on the product. That’s pretty competitive & they get Brownie points from me for their consideration of the cancer survivors.

Although there were a few bummers in July’s box, I’m never disappointed when BB5’s box arrives. It’s always a surprise. Add up the MSRP’s & there’s no doubt you’ve surpassed the $12 per month you’re paying for BB5. You never know until you try. That’s true for color or product when it comes to cosmetics & beauty products. Whether or not you fall in love with the companies represented, it’s fun to try new looks & products.
You can find out full product info & ordering info by visiting Not only does this month include 3 full size products, but there’s always an extra coupon code or similar bonus included. It just adds to your savings.
I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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