Follow You Home: Mark Edwards

It began as a thrilling cross continent, backpacking trip. Theft of their identification leaves them lost in Romania. Daniel & Laura find themselves walking through dark forest in search of civilization. Out of place, but very real, they discover a house, alone, in the middle of the trees. Despite their overwhelming sense of foreboding, they enter- and they’ll never be the same.

Vowing to never again speak of what they’ve seen, their return home isn’t what they’d expected. No matter how hard they try to put the trip behind them, it seems theyre reminded at every turn. Both know they’re in grave danger. What happened on the trip? Confronting it may be their own chance to survive.

Mark Edwards has done a super job of mixing suspense with mystery. Every time I though I had the whole thing figured out, he changed the rules. I was impressed with how the mystery gave an illusion of a supernatural cause without there being one. It will absolutely keep readers guessing for most of the novel. There is sex & violence in the book but, for the most part, I thought it was minimal & necessary to the plot. A less talented author would’ve relied heavily on both components but Edwards didn’t need to go in that direction.

The plot is definitely unique. In a literary world where heroes are heroes & villains are villains, it’s nice to have an author shake up the mainstream. Mark Edwards was a new-to-me author & I am very pleased that I gave his work a try. I actually stayed up WAY past my bedtime because I couldn’t stop reading. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. If you want a mystery that will pull you in brain first, ‘Follow You Home’ is for you. Absolutely, it’s a five star novel.


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