A Murder Moist Foul: Carol Durand & Summer Prescott

‘A Murder Moist Foul’ is Book #1 in the Frosted Love Cozy Mystery series.

Owner of Missy’s Cupcakes & More, Melissa Gladstone, receives troubling news after a visit from a detective. Darryl, owner of Darryl’s Donut’s, has been found dead in his shop. Detective Chas Beckett is one the case although there are few clues to be had. Due to business-related disagreements, Missy has become a prime suspect. However, her assistant, Ben, is also on the interest list.

Obviously not guilty, Missy begins to embark on her own investigation. Who would want to kill the Donut Man?

This one is a super quick read (I finished in 1-1/2 hours). By extending the length, our author could have spent more time on plot development & investigative procedure. Rather, most of her time was spent on character development including romantic overtures between Missy & Chas. For most readers, the ending will be a surprise due to the lack of suspects & motive. In fact, readers may shake their heads, as I did.

It’s not unreadable & would serve to be a decent plane read for a quick flight. Perhaps I’ll try one or more from the series as it seems there have been quite a few penned since this outing. ‘First in a series’ books can be touchy especially if the author knows ahead of time that they’ll be more. We’ll give the Durand/Prescott team the benefit of the doubt for this book. It’s 3 stars with hope for better novels to come.


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