Sudan: Ninie Hammon

Atrocities against Christians aren’t new. But, in our lifetime, one would be hard-pressed to name a more atrocious offender than Sudan. Sudanese government, diehard Muslims, launched a war against Southern, Sudanese Christians. Genocide began. Tiny news blurbs escaped to be spoonfed to news outlets. Only those who suffered know the entire truth of what went on in Sudan. Ninie Hammon’s ‘Sudan’ is a fictional account but is as close to nonfiction as you can get.

Photojournalist, Ron Wolfson, is trying desperately to document all he can in Sudan. Weaving through refugee camps & seedy areas, he asks hard questions & takes heart wrenching pictures. When he hears rumors of slavery in Sudan, he’s disgusted. Launching a one man crusade, he’s determined to document a slave auction to show the world.

Without technology at their fingertips, Sudanese southerners know little of the war the government is waging against them. Village after village is attacked & destroyed. During his son’s baptism, Idris’ village is attacked. As the dust settles & the village takes in reality, Idris realizes one of his children is dead & another is missing. Young Akin, his daughter, has been taken during the raid. Knowing the fate awaiting her, Idris decides he must rescue his child.

Two men, polar opposites, are fighting the same cause. Their hearts are pure, but they will be confronted by the very face of evil. Heartless slave traders, dishonest mercenaries, & rampant violence will try their best to prevent them from fulfilling their mission. Ron fights to end an evil. Idris fights to save his child. Will either succeed?

Warning: There is an incredible amount of violence in this novel. Slavery is disgusting & the treatment of slaves is horrid. Children & women are terrible treated which is vividly described.

At times, parts of the novel is hard to read. Akin goes through a great deal of torturous treatment. Her story could most definitely be that of any child in Southern Sudan. But, it’s difficult to stomach nonetheless. As far as the other characters, the heroes are courageous. The villains are nauseating. Once you begin reading, you’ll find yourself invested in the heroes & Akin, unable to stop until you find out what happens. It isn’t a novel you simply put down when you’re finished. It stays with you. Despite the subject matter, it is well-written & riveting.



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