Get Vacation-Ready With Beauty Box 5


June has arrived! School’s out & many people are getting ready for vacations. Our family has opted for a Staycation, visiting places within our own state. Regardless of whether you’re boarding a plane or planting a garden, be your gorgeous self! One of the best ways to refine your summer beauty routine is by trying new & new-to-you products. For me, the best, most economical way to do this is by using Beauty Box 5. If you haven’t heard of this innovative subscription service, Beauty Box 5 delivers 5 products to your mailbox monthly. At a charge of $12 per box, subscribers receive five fabulous beauty-related goodies to try, love, dislike, and/or revisit. Adding up the cost of these products in full size will amount to way more than $12. Save money & enjoy being a girl at the same time!

June’s box is geared towards this busy travel season.
20150616_182732Let’s start with a product I was very familiar with- Herbal Essences Body Wash. I’ve used this product many times. It is always efficient & the scents are amazing. With a price tag of $2.49, there are, more often than not, coupons in Sunday papers. For it’s affordability & quality, it’s winner.20150616_182805

These next four are new to me. Urban Decay’s Perversion Mascara knocked my socks off. A small tube & brush packs a big punch! I haven’t had a mascara surprise me that much in a very long time. As for the brand, Urban Decay is fairly well known in fashion circles. Pricey at $22, I fully believe it’s worth it’s price tag (which I don’t often say). Truly, it lasted all day until bedtime without giving up. Word of caution: one application is enough. Two or more coats will clump. Plus, you won’t need it.

20150616_182826LOL isn’t a brand I knew. Their contribution is Rotational Eye Shadow. Granted, the colors provided to me were ones I’d have passed up. What surprised me was that $3 eyeshadow lasted all day. I used to highlight rather than stand alone. Pinks don’t work for me on their own. I stayed put & stayed bold.20150616_182955 (1)

UK-based Nails Inc. brings us its nail polish. Orange isn’t a color a normally sport. I’m a diehard ‘red’ fan. This bring said, I’ll base my opinion on its quality rather than color. Naturally, there isn’t too much variation between nail polishes. Color & last time are the basis for approval. In this case, I definitely needed two coats but the color is bright. With its $9.50 MSRP, I’ll skip this one.20150616_182907

Summer & winter are most notably times to reevaluate cleansing products. Between saltwater, chlorine, & sweat summer screams ‘Oil’. Simple Skincare’s Micellar Cleansing Water is unlike many cleanser that I’ve tried. No water is needed. What? I hadn’t encountered that except in cleansing cloths. But this on-the-go cleanser requires zero rinsing. You can score 7 ounces for $7.99. It’s worth a try & just plain neat.20150616_182748

As a bonus, this month only, there’s a gift certificate to Gorge Hair!20150616_182852

June’s box was good clean fun. You just can’t beat the quality & enjoyment with a $12 price. Visit for full product details & to sign-up. You’ll be glad you did.
I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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