Wreckage: Emily Bleeker

David Hall never imagined that the sweepstakes his employer held would change his life. Trips to Fiji are fun, but not usually life-altering. As a PR rep required to travel with the winner, Dave boards the small charter plane. Margaret, the winner, has brought daughter-in-law Lillian with her. Joining them are Theresa, the flight attendant, & Kent, the pilot.

What should have been routine instead becomes a tragedy as the plane loses an engine less than an hour from their island destination. Not all survive. Floating adrift in the ocean, they briefly glimpse hope when The Island comes into view. However, first appearances can be deceiving.

As the story switches between past & present, it focuses on David & Lillian. Both married to others, we learn that they’ve long since been rescued & are giving what they deem as their very last interview regarding the Island.   Each question the reporter asks shines more light on their story. Unless one has been in the same situation, it’s difficult to say how we’d act if we were stranded on an uninhabited island. Not many of those exist anymore. But as days stretched into months, the survivors viewed the Island as their permanent residence. Settling into new roles, the Island’s dynamic is dramatically different from their ‘old’ lives. In fact, things went on that neither David nor Lillian have ever told the truth about & it will impact their lives forever. Lies are exposed during their final interview & now they both must face what really happened during their 20 month disappearance.

‘Wreckage’ is a novel that had incredible potential from page one. Unfortunately, that potential never manifested itself. Just when the author built up a bit of suspense, she’d immediately reveal the next ‘secret’. Alert readers will have the entire plot figured out within a few chapters. Neither one of our main characters could be considered likeable. Instead they are narcissistic, giving zero thought to how their actions will affect the families they have at home.

There were many pages that were so unnecessary to the story line that I literally skimmed right over them. What could’ve been an impeccable mystery, story of survival, or both, instead became I book I couldn’t wait to finish just so I’d be done with it. What a disappointment! I can only give it 2 stars, but as always, read it for yourself & made your own opinion.



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