Five Days in May: Ninie Hammon

In a Women’s Prison in Oklahoma, Princess has five days left to live. Having readily admitted her guilt, she’s served fourteen years for murdering her two-year old sister. As a part of the death sentence process, she’s granted time with a spiritual advisor to make peace. That is when she meets Mac.

Mac is a local minister who recently became a single parent when his wife lost her battle with breast cancer. Raising a teenager is hard enough, but Joy is slipping away as he grieves. Joy, herself, is struggling. Granted, she just lost her mom, but when she finds out she is about to become one herself, she contemplates her options. Pregnant teens in the ’60s were expected to be pure & Joy is terrified.

Equally terrified is Jonas, Joy’s grandfather. His wife Maggie is slipping away with Alzheimer’s. Just as Joy is debating ending a life, Jonas wonders if Maggie would be better off. Violent outbursts & toddler-like behavior are too much for him to bear. Neither Joy nor Jonas confide in Pastor Mac. Princess, however, wants to talk to him.

At the warden’s request, Mac visits Princess. Expecting the worst, he instead finds a woman who has endured beyond belief & has a supernatural talent for knowing things she shouldn’t know. Many in the prison can testify that Princess has foretold events that they later witnessed exactly as she’d said. unbeknownst to him, Mac is about to see it for himself, firsthand. Time is definitely not on their side with a mere five days ahead. Unloading all she knows could take Princess years.

None of us knows the number of days left in our lives, usually, & the folks in Mac’s small town think they have all the time in the world. While Princess prepares for eternity, Graham, Oklahoma is about to meet the Reaper in the form of a massive tornado. Can Princess, Mac, Jonas & Joy get their affairs in order before ‘The Big Ugly’ hits Oklahoma?

‘Five Days in May’ is a touching story of grace & redemption as well as sacrifice. So far, this has been my favorite from the author. Each character could easily be identified with by readers. The plot is fresh & packed with suspense.

One word of caution: the era involved is during the beginnings of desegregation. One particular character is the epitome of racism & uses despicable language.

Despite this, I found it nearly impossible to put the book down. I got so caught up in the characters that I genuinely wanted to know how the whole story came together. Switching between character points of view, our author allows us to truly connect.

I would definitely recommend this one with a 5 star rating.


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