Dark Web: T.J. Brearton

When Callie & Mike move back up north from Florida, they envision a new life for their family. Callie has a new job opportunity & a newly unemployed Mike can try new things. Unfortunately, they never would’ve imagine what awaited them deep in the Adirondack Mountains.

During an early morning snowstorm, a plow truck driver finds a body in the middle of the road. Few houses are around & no one in sight. Snow has erased any trace of how the body got there. John Swift is called in to investigate. He certainly wasn’t expecting to find out that the corpse was actually a teenaged boy. Canvasing homes leads him to the new residents, Callie & Mike Simpkins.

On the road lies their son, Braxton. Being that he was found at 3 in the morning, logically, they thought he’d been asleep when the sirens had woke them. What could have possibly led Braxton to wonder into the night during a storm?

Detective Swift has a nearly impossible case in front of him. To solve this, he’ll have to wade into a world he’s unfamiliar with: the world of online gaming. Internet identities aren’t always what they seem & reality meshes with fantasy quite often. Combined with distraught parents, deep family secrets, & raw emotion, Swift will have to tread lightly. But, with a child dead, he’s not giving up until he knows the truth.

International, best-selling author T.J. Brearton does a great job of set-up & delivery. What I found most unusual about this story was the way in which all the police personnel worked together to assist in the case. Although Swift clearly leads the way, he never goes ‘rogue’ with the super hero complex some characters exhibit. All the characters are flawed & therefore believable.

I was definitely stumped until the end with all the back & forth suspense. It was a seamless read with a very fast-paced end. I give it a 4 star rating.


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