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The Memory Box: Eva Lesko Natiello

Caroline lives an enviable life. Two beautiful girls, a loving husband, & a loyal dog make her life as an at-home mom close to perfect. Usually, the only glitch in her day is a trophy wife with too much time on her hands who serves as the information superhighway. Googling her neighbors is this woman’s favorite hobby. To most, this habit is simply an annoyance. For Caroline, it will be a life-changing event.

having the house to herself leads Caroline to Google herself. Three meager hits makes her chuckle. Being on the internet for a pie recipe isn’t exactly headline news. Unfortunately, Caroline’s maiden name reveals more shocking results. Listed in front of her, she finds the obituary for her sister, JD. Stunned, she realizes the date says 2000, but it’s 2006? She knows she just spoke to her sister. Is this some sort of joke?

As her research continues, everything Caroline knows or thought she knew is in jeopardy. What in the world is going on?

‘The Memory Box’ will mess with your mind until the last page. Believe me, just when you think you have it figured out- you don’t. You may very well look at those around you differently for a few days. Don’t feel bad for Googling yourself, either. I certainly did.

The plot is certainly different from anything I’ve read recenttly. Some characters are endearing. Some characters are infuriating. You pick who is who. My only complaint is the amount of unnecessary content. It was way more lengthy than necessary. Regardless, it’s worth a read. Definitely, a four star rating.


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