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Giveaways 4/27


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The Inn At Ocean’s Edge: Colleen Coble

_225_350_Book.1563.coverTwenty-five years ago, a little girl went missing. One year after her disappearance, she simply returned with her name on a note, pinned to her dress. At the time of her disappearance, she’d been attending her own birthday party. Hotel Tourmaline was where her family was vacationing at that time & it was where she reappeared. Claire is now twenty-five years older & has no recollection of her year away. Having to return to the Hotel to broker a merger, memories are sparked. When she witnesses a murder, she has no doubt that bad things continue to occur here.

Twenty-five years ago, a woman heard crying in the woods near her home. Not willing to forgo helping a child, she enters the woods & never returns. Most folks in town believed she’d run away from her husband & his cranberry farm. Her children believe something sinister happened to her. Now grown, her children cannot forget her memory. Luke & Meg Rocco have suspicions about their father. When a storm unearths bones, they brace themselves for the inevitable.

A chance meeting places the Rocco’s & Claire in each other’s lives. Luke & Meg remember the stories surrounding young Claire’s disappearance. Beautiful Claire has caught Luke’s full attention & he eagerly agrees to help her piece together her childhood. Too many coincidences exist between the story of Claire & the disappearance of Mrs. Rocco. But, as the three work together, more strange & violent incidents occur. Someone doesn’t want either side to know the truth. Wading through betrayals, lies, & family ties, they know the truth is there somewhere.

Colleen Coble is a new author for me. I was impressed with the twists & turns of the plot. It too a while for me to piece together what had happened. That’s rare & I like that. The plot is unique & well done.

My only issue with the novel is the interaction between the main characters in many places. The Sheriff’s flippant attitude towards such violence in a small town was confusing. Claire seemed like the type of woman who tries too hard to be well liked. With her affluence, she shouldn’t have appeared so weak especially considering she worked to broker mergers with high-powered clients.

However, these instances are enough to detract from a well-written mystery. I give it a 4 star rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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Morphsuits Put the Fun Back in Costumes

100_0308As a child, wearing costumes was always a blast for me. But, they always had drawbacks, didn’t they? Masks fell off. Eye areas were blocked. Forget eating or drinking anything without removing a good bit of your costume. When I heard about MorphCostumes, I was intrigued. A costume you can drink through & see through?100_0312
But, that is exactly what they deliver. MorphCostumes is an upscale dress retailer who designs digital costumes. Isn’t technology awesome? Even One Direction’s Harry Styles has worn one! You can read the full story of their epic start & more of how these costumes are made :
In business since 2010, they’ve solidified their name in the industry. Having achieved awards such as Golden Hedgehog Awards 2014 – Best use of Video, Disney Product Toys & Stationary Awards, Sunday Times Fast Track Awards, & Real Business Future 50 Awards, they have become a symbol of excellence in their field.100_0314
Until recently, they were known for their adult costume designs. Now, their children’s designs are available to redefine costumes as we know them. From the Dark Knight to various Lego people, Morphsuits has them all!
The nylon material offers the perfect fit. No hemming, no capes to trip over, no tugging & pulling. Slip them on, zip them up & go. After viewing their size chart, we got our 12 year old an adult medium. However, the sizing is right on & parents will have no trouble finding the perfect fit for any child.100_0315
Each Morphsuit is so intricately detailed that it will blow your mind. On the Zombie suit, even the jeans are detailed right down to the pockets. One would think that the mouth area would lose some detail as it’s stretched over the head. It stayed in shape & was easily discernible. We had to try out whether you could really drink through it. One glass of water later proved Morphsuits passes this test.100_0316
Comfort is always an issue with kids’ costumes. He had no trouble sitting, dancing, even laying down. His comment was that the suit was more comfortable than his pajamas. The only problem you’ll have is deciding which costume you love most! It took us way longer to pick one than it did to fall in love with these suits!100_0317
Don’t fret over ordering from an international company, either. They have secure payment methods & fabulous costumer service reps to assist you. Costumes aren’t just for Halloween. Use them to throw a rockin’ party for The Walking Dead’s season opener. Celebrate your love of all things Marvel. Be the envy of the next ComicCon. Have fun, life is short! Once you try one Morphsuit, you’ll never wear a retail store costume again.

We were blessed to work with the fabulous folks of Morphsuits & received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.