A Call to Help Ukrainian Jews

If you follow the news channels at all, you’re aware of the war-torn region of the Ukraine. Fighting with Russian troops escalates daily. What you probably won’t hear on your local news is the plight of Jews living in the Ukraine.

Anti-Semitic violence grows, too. Jewish communities are caught smack in the middle of all of the fighting between Russians & Ukrainians. Hunger is a terrible problem & many ‘landlords’ will refuse to rent to those displaced. Temporary shelters offer little hope.

What these brave souls want most is to make aliyah to Israel. Aliyah translates as immigrate to Israel. They wish to return to the land that was given to them by God. Our Bible is quite clear that this land is theirs. But, when you’re so far away from ‘home’ & penniless, what can you do? The cost for one Ukrainian Jew to make aliyah is $1500 USD. That’s a lot of money to someone with a full time job let alone a homeless, jobless person. The odds seem insurmountable.

But, with God, there is always hope. Rabbi Eckstein & the International Fellowship of Christians & Jews are working tirelessly to support those wishing to aliyah. In fact, tomorrow. 110 blessed souls will get to do just that. Imagine their excitement! Returning to the land of their ancestors & facing hope for a bright future are priceless gifts.

This is a cause I absolutely support 100%. Founded by the Rabbi in 1983, this incredible mission has provided food & basic needs as well as aliyah to thousands of Jews in desperate need. They are completely upfront with their finances, even to the point of being registered with the BBB.

Currently, in addition to providing the means to aliyah, they are helping those in need to celebrate Passover. Many faithful Jews are unable to afford the basic necessities to celebrate this feast. IFCJ is making a huge difference in the lives of so many.

Please visit them at http://www.ifcj.org/ to find out further information & help, if you’re able. Read the stories & seek the Lord’s guidance as you consider the needs.


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