Silent Scream: Angela Marsons

In the first book of the DI Kim Stone series, ‘Silent Scream’ introduces us to our detective in a big way.

Back in 2004, 5 individuals thought their secret was dead & literally buried. Relying on each other & the ramifications of anyone finding out, each one harbored their deed silently. Like all secrets, eventually, the truth comes out. Unlike all secrets, this one is deadlier than most.

DI Kim Stone is on the scene when a fire leads to the discovery of a body. Teresa Wyatt has been found, dead, in her bathtub. No robbery or struggle are evident. Wyatt was a principal & by all accounts hadn’t lived a very exciting life. So, when a case doesn’t make sense, all one can do is follow whatever clues they have available.

Kim follows Teresa’s trail to her school where she learns Teresa had been uncharacteristically interested in an upcoming archaeological dig. While the professor involved was only interested in ancient coins, Kim finds it intriguing that the dig was to take place on grounds that once housed a school for troubled girls, Crestwood.

Teresa had worked at the school until a fire closed its doors. Soon, action in the case picks up when the professor comes up missing. Bodies are added to the file & now Kim has a full-fledged serial killer to stop. What ties Crestwood, the murders, & the dig? Clues are few but Kim is determined.

‘Silent Scream’ is a home run for the first in the series. Kim is a fantastic lead with a take charge attitude & no frills personality. I love that she’s a tomboy & more concerned with her job than her appearance. She defies the odds at every turn & stands up for herself. It’s very refreshing for a female lead.

Our author spends more time on her characters & story line than on gory details. That is what makes it a great novel. Without spending too much time on it, she’s able to weave the background, present, & future together. It’s very well done & she’s gained a fan. It’s a 5 star rating from me.


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