Until You’re Mine: Samantha Hayes

9780804136891For some women, the desire to be a mother consumes every fiber of their being. Such is the case with the women in this novel. Three simultaneous, interwoven story lines comprise ‘Until You’re Mine’.

Social worker Claudia has spent her career assisting children whose families didn’t value them. Having endured multiple stillbirths & miscarriages, she’s elated to finally be carrying a baby to term. With her full-time work & twin stepsons, her plate is already full. When Naval husband James prepares for a lengthy leave at the same time as her due date, they decide on a nanny is the way to go.

Zoe appears to be picture perfect. Glowing references & instant rapport seal the deal. Immediately she’s moved in as one of their own. Soon, though, Claudia begins having misgivings. Certain things about Zoe  feel too good to be true & a bit deceptive. Initially believing she’s being hormonal, Claudia can’t shake the feeling that something is off.

Meanwhile, Detectives Fisher & Scott have just begun dealing with one of the most shocking crimes of their careers. Murder cases are often grisly, but when a young woman & her baby are found dead via a botched Caesarian, neither one is prepared for it. Knowing this case must be solved quickly due to the sheer terror of it, the dive in.

Claudia becomes increasingly uneasy with Zoe’s behavior. Does she really know this stranger living in her home? What of the murdered pregnant girl? Her anxiety only increases when she discovers that this girl had been in social services & Claudia knew her. Fisher & Scott need to work quickly before more women & their babies die horrible deaths. As the clock ticks, it becomes more apparent that someone will go to any lengths to have a baby to call their own.

Not since ‘Shutter Island’ have I read a book that shook me mentally as much as this one. It is quite simply a mind twist from page one. Every detail has been meticulously fed to the reader to create suspense & hook them. The murders are gruesome & very detailed. I can honestly say that I had no idea how the book would end until the author gave in.

If you truly desire a page-turner, one you cannot put down, than this one is for you. Kudos to the author for a fresh idea & painstaking writing that shows how talented she is as a writer. It’s every bit a 5 star novel.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.



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