The Marauders: Tom Cooper

22238371Hurricane Katrina & The BP Oil Disaster devastated the Louisiana bayou. No one could tell you that better than the residents of Barataria. ‘The Marauders’ follows the lives of significant residents & their intersecting lives. Twins, Reginald & Victor Toup, are protective of their marijuana crop not so hidden on its own island. Lindquist, an amputee, is convinced that somewhere in the bayou an infamous pirate has hidden his treasure. Wes Trench & his father eek out an existence by trawling for shrimp while teenage Wes dreams of his own boat. Cosgrove & Hanson are saddled together while doing community service for various offenses. Soon, the become friends & hatch together a half-baked scheme to get rich quick. Grimes was once a local boy. Now he’s working for the oil company, trying to convince Barataria residents to settle out of court for their losses.

Dark & edgy, the story of this town, her people, & their hardships explores both the best & the worst in people. Each of the residents has their own problems yet each one affects another. Readers are treated to a mix of bad tempers, deep-seeded resentments, familial bonds & desperation as the town tries to remain afloat. Some readers will love the characters; some will hate them. But, in the end, all will agree that it was a heck of a ride.

‘The Marauders’ is unlike anything I’ve read recently. Caution: there is violence, drug use, & coarse language. However, there is no doubt that the book is well-written, gritty, & unique. If you’re willing to wade through the lack of niceties, then you’ll enjoy it. I give it a 4 of 5 stars.

I was provided with a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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