Happy Birthday, Beauty Box 5!

February isn’t just the month of love- it’s also Beauty Box 5’s Birthday! This year they turn 3.  Being that they give us 5 great products each month for only $12, it’s only fitting that we celebrate their birthday with them. If you aren’t familiar with this fabulous company, they are a monthly subscription service. Each month, delivered directly to your mailbox, you’ll receive 5 new-to-you products. Experiment with new colors or scents without having to pay full price for a product you may or may not love. Adding up the price of the products will always show you how much Beauty Box 5 is saving you. It really is an economical way to stay beautiful!bb5 026

For February, we’re treated to a party box of sweet treats! Let’s take a look:

bb5 029First up, we have an old friend- Revlon. They’re definitely a brand we know & trust. Colorstay Nail Enamel, $3.99 MSRP, provides bold color with staying power. Happily, I received a deep shade of red, ‘Velvet Rope #130’. I love the color. For me, it’s a perfect February shade. I’ve used this product before, just not this particular shade. I’m a Revlon fan so I’m biased towards loving this enamel.

Another well-known brand pops up this month- Avon. Most people have at least heard of Avon, if not tried it. My mom has been a die hard Avon fan as long as I can remember & had the same ‘Avon lady’ for over a decade. I’ve used a number of their eye colors but hadn’t tried this particular one. ‘Big Color Eye Pencil’, $3.49 MSRP, is a great time saver. I prefer the eye pencil to powder liners. I think they provide much bolder color & no flaking. Personally, I’d have opted for a much darker shade, but the neutral tone I received is good for blending. It’s definitely worth the price. Most eye pencils are much more.bb5 031

bb5 030 In keeping with eye color, Marsk Mineral Eyeshadow in Vanilla Frosting is up next. I was a tad disappointed with it. As I said, I prefer pencil eyeshadows, but was intrigued with this iridescent little one. I’d recommend accepting it as being simply a hightlighter & not expecting more than added shine to your lids. It isn’t what I’d consider an eye-popping shadow. In fact, it’s subdued. The name is sweeter than the price tag. At $22.50, for me, it’s a pass.

Frigid weather does a number on one’s lips so I was glad to see Absolute New York’s Absolute Love Lip Balm. Love is a good verb to use here because I do love it. Light tint, heavy moisture, & a yummy scent make this balm a winner! It’s worth it’s $5 MSRP price.bb5 028

bb5 032Rounding out our beautiful five is GlamGlow’s Youthmud TinglexFoliate Treatment. Basically, it’s a long name for a great treat for your skin. Put on your face for ten minutes then rinse off. A tingling sensation let’s you know it’s working. Doubling as an exfoliant, this anti-aging mask is very effective. However, at $69 MSRP, it’s too rich for me. I will say that if it’s in your budget, go for it.

Even though it’s their birthday, Beauty Box 5 is giving us a little extra present. Included with your beauty products, you’ll find a $20 Gift Card. BB5 is giving away these gift cards redeemable at yourMinerals where you can purchase shadows, foundations, blushes or brushes. How sweet of them!

Do the math. These products total way more than $12. But that’s all Beauty Box 5 asks for their boxes per month. You can find out full product descriptions & ordering information at http://www.beautybox5.com. Visit them & wish them a happy 3rd birthday.

I received the aformentioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.





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