Breaker’s Reef: Terri Blackstock

_233_380_Book.1475.coverCape Refuge may be a small town, but it has some ‘big town’ problems. In Book 4 of the Cape Refuge series, ‘Breaker’s Reef’, we find the town struggling again with a murder.

Police Chief Matthew Cade finds himself investigating the murder of a young girl found shot & floating in a boat. Meanwhile, he’s juggling a new rookie on an ego trip & anxiety over wanting to propose to his girlfriend. Returning character Sheila has continued to battle the demons of addiction & seems to be succeeding. Taking a job with an eccentric author, she strives to return her life to normal.

Still living in Hanover House, Sheila’s daughter Sadie is caught up in the murder because the victim was a classmate. Her emotions are in turmoil from this as well as the affections of two different potential boyfriends. Things don’t become any easier when a new girl comes to town looking for Sheila. Unbeknownst to Sadie, Sheila has an older daughter who’d been placed for adoption.

Amelia decides she needs to meet Sheila & has no idea there is a murderer on the loose. A family reunion will have to wait when Amelia abruptly goes missing. Once her adoptive parents  arrive, there’s no hiding Sheila’s secret. Searching for Amelia becomes priority & everyone’s own problems will have to take a backseat if they’re to find her in time.

Unfortunately, there are more suspects than Chief Cade can deal with & time is running out.

I have definitely come to enjoy the Cape Refuge series. Terri Blackstock has done a really great job with it. Book 4 has a lot more character development than ever before & there is a bit of a time jump, too. It works for the plot better than if sh’ed have simply picked up where #3 left off.

Cade is still a great hero who stays true to his faith & is never hypocritical. Morgan has still not grown on me as a heroine, so I was pleased that Sadie had more of a starring role. She is a multi-dimensional character who is more real in my opinion.

I enjoyed this one, which can be read as a stand alone, as much as #3 & it’s a 5 star novel.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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