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River’s Edge: Terri Blackstock

_225_350_Book.1474.cover   Book #3 in the Cape Refuge Series, ‘River’s Edge’ brings us the drama surrounding the town of Cape Refuge. Morgan & Jonathan are struggling with infertility issues. Jonathan is also embroiled in a mud-slinging mayoral race with two prominent community members. All the while, they’re running Hanover House, a transitional housing facility. Their two foster children have been thriving, but now their mother may receive an early release from prison.

Baby Seth & his teen sister Sadie have been a respite for Morgan as she strives to achieve her dream of motherhood. Meanwhile, police chief Cade is trying to keep his job while dealing with romantic feelings for Morgan’s sister Blair. But it all takes a backseat when one of Jonathan’s opponents announces his wife is missing. Lisa has been a good friend to Morgan & now the whole town launches a massive search for her.

Most of the townspeople know that Lisa isn’t the type to just run off. That would mean that one of their own has done the unthinkable. Although the town is no stranger to scandal, they can’t imagine anyone would hurt Lisa. As the investigation continues, the Chief of Police will have to wade through a shady psychic, unethical doctors, & a boatload of gossip. What is really going on in Cape Refuge?

Even though this is number 3 in the series, it can stand alone. When I took it for review, I hadn’t known that it was a series. Our author includes enough past details for us to keep up. Initially, the book was a bit slow-going, but certainly picked up speed. Cape Refuge has a great deal of small town charm & readers will have no problem finding it a believable setting.

Most of the characters are also very relatable & believable. Morgan felt a bit self-righteous & there were a few times that I wasn’t quite sure I liked her. Cade, the Police Chief, was by far my pick for favorite. He’s what every town would want in their chief. He’s a strong, Christian man who stays true to his beliefs throughout the novel.

Readers will find a squeaky-clean, well-written story that isn’t difficult to stay involved in. I look forward to reading more from this series & hopefully, they’ll all be of this caliber. It’s a 5 star rating from me.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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