Bible Lesson: 6th Grade: Jonah Part 2

‘There’s A Little Jonah in All of Us’

Jonah had received the clearest of commands from God. In Jonah 1:3, he’s told to ‘Arise & go to Nineveh’. That’s pretty clear. There couldn’t possibly have been an iota of doubt as to his mission. So what was Jonah’s problem?

Upon hearing the call, Jonah decided nay & ran- fast. Instead of possible death or worse, he decided what he really wanted was a cushy life in Tarshish. Being called by God was fine by him as long as it wasn’t hard or uncomfortable. How many of us fall into that trap too?

Jonah had a steady gig. As a prophet in his own town, he was well-respected, even honored. Travelling meant uncertainty with everything from money to housing. He essentially ‘got married to’ his position. All of the ‘prophet perks’ were great as long as he didn’t have to work too hard.

What Jonah missed was that his life flowed perfectly because he was operating within God’s will. We see that once Jonah darts away from God’s call, the discomfort he was trying to avoid smacks him right in the face. Can you be more uncomfortable than in a fish belly?

But, within Jonah’s massive discomfort, we also see God’s persistence in getting His Word out. He didn’t mince words. He didn’t coddle Jonah. He got straight to the point. Jonah was chosen for this mission, at this time, to this place. Jonah lost his peace & tranquility once he said no.

We all get a choice. Follow God or not. Following God gives peace. Disobeying God brings chaos. Just ask Jonah.


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