Bonita Avenue: Peter Buwalda


Siem Sigerius is a math professor with political aspirations. Skeletons in his closet threaten his tranquil, carefully kept life. His life starts unwinding with the beginning of internet pornography, a catastrophic factory explosion, & the emergence of an illegitimate son.

‘Bonita Avenue’ shows a family in turmoil. Every choice has a consequence whether it’s good or bad. The Sigerius family will soon realize this truth.

The synopsis may sound promising but, it falls short. Sigerius is not only unrealistic, but gives the reader the feeling that he or she has ADD. Buwalda presents way too many supporting characters.  In fact, Sigerius himself seems split into a multiple character who is a judo champion, a mathematician, university professor in the US, director of the University of Enschede and the minister of education. It’s a wonder the man had time to exhale. It’s all too much!

Intertwined in the confusing mix of ‘who is Sigerius today’, our author writes about every possible sinful act you can think of including incest. I found the entire novel to be so confusing that I wasn’t even sure when it was about to end. Although publicized as a ‘great’ Dutch novel, I don’t think the PR staff realized that the impact that the novel would make would be a negative one.

As always, feel free to read & decide for yourself, but I can’t possibly recommend it. It’s barely 2 stars from me.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.


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