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2014 Reflections

Like any other year, 2014 brought with it good & bad. I supposed to expect anything else would be irrational. No matter how good, no year will ever be perfect & no matter how bad, no year could be all bad. But, hindsight is always 20/20 so we can’t really see it all balance out until we reflect on the year as a whole.

On one hand, our oldest son, turned 21 & achieved what everyone said was impossible: he got his driver’s license. However, this blessing didn’t last long as he also got into a near-fatal accident within 2 weeks on getting it. Minor injuries were the blessing in it & it reaffirmed to me how important it is to pray for our kids every night. If you were able to see the tree he hit when he lost control, there would be no doubt in your mind that God intervened mightily to save our boy.

Unfortunately, this accident resulted in some legal issues for him, but he’ll have to put on his big boy pants & weather it. He also decided to move out on his own & is enduring reality like we all have to do.

Also this year, my mom went through hip replacement right after being told she has Parkinson’s. We weren’t confident in doctor #1’s assessment but a second neurologist has insisted it is so. I went to these appointments with her, keeping to myself that I, too, had received a diagnosis: I also have Parkinson’s. I decided to keep it quiet until she was home from rehabilitation so that she was forced to concentrate only on herself. Then I told her.

So, within a week of each other, we received the exact same diagnosis. The difference is that she is probably stage 4 while I am early-onset, stage 1. Regardless, we’ve both decided that prayer is the way to go with this & I am utilizing nutritional information to care for myself. I’ve integrated coordination exercises into my workouts & am playing it smart.

Back in October, I had gone to a disability hearing, asking the judge to grant me disability due to Fibromyalgia & panic disorder. As this year drew to a close, I received my decision via snail mail: it is approved. Praise God! When 2015 begins, I know I will be able to care for my family monetarily thanks to God’s grace & the judge’s wise discernment.

For some, hearing that they’re disabled may be devastating. For me, it was finally, a respite from financial distress because I cannot work. Not being able to provide for the kids was more devastating than hearing those words. It’s a blessing to hear the determination.

2014 also brought my Aunt home to stay after around four decades of living in Maryland. She’s been a blessing to mom as she has done the bulk of the day-to-day for her sister. As always, she’s a continued blessing to my kids.

As the ball drops tonight & a new year begins, I know 2015 will bring its own issues. But, along with it is another year to be alive, another year of family, & God’s unwavering grace to see us through it all. Happy New Year!


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