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1392018  ‘Watch for the Light’ is a compilation of daily readings, dated from November 24th through January 7th. Advent is not always celebrated by every denomination & may be misunderstood by the general public. Regardless, every one of us needs to rewind, de-stress, & focus on the true meaning of the season. Jesus’ birth ushered in a time of hope & peace like never before. As we await His Second Coming, it’s time such as Christmas & Easter that allow us to reflect on the beauty & majesty of Our Savior.

In ‘Watch for the Light’, readers are treated to personal stories, poems, & and/or reflections from well-known & well-respected people. C.S. Lewis, Martin Luther, & Madeleine Engle are a few who are represented. Although Advent may be on different days annually, readers can simply use the dates as general guidelines. I skipped through to different days which didn’t coordinate with the calendar, in order to read excerpts of my choice.

I found almost all the readings to be very deep & thought-provoking. Annie Dillard’s ‘Bethlehem’ was one I enjoyed. There is one reading in which cursing is used. Let that be a caution to readers sharing with children. It occurs in Ernesto Cardenal’s ‘The Wise Men’. I was quite surprised that the editors allowed it, but nonetheless, it isn’t really offensive.

Whether one uses it as a devotional or simply new, light seasonal reading, I would definitely recommend it. It achieves its purpose to point us back the Nativity & the awe of Christmas itself. I give it a 5 star rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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