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Mark Hitchcock’s ‘The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel’


Mark Hitchcock has penned an incredible number of books on Biblical Prophecy. ‘The Coming Islamic Invasion’ is his latest. In it he explores Ezekiel’s Book in regards to the Russian/Islamic War against Israel in the End Times. This book is the third in his current series. As has been established many times of late by a plethora of authors, Mr. Hitchcock goes through the signs of the times, Israel’s enemies, & God’s role in it all.

While the book is full of wisdom & knowledge brought to us by a dedicated student of prophecy, I felt it was a replay of thoughts. Maybe we’ve just been inundated with Ezekiel-themed books recently. Whatever the cause, I was hoping for some sort of new declaration or new insight into End Times research.

Not taking away from the talent of the author, to me, I found it dry & repetitive. It just seems to deliver information without passion. No one has explained the prophecy better than the Prophet Ezekiel himself. Perhaps that’s because he was so passionate about relaying his prophecy to us. While theories differ as to the identity of the nations involved (I disagree on at least one named by Hitchcock), the information that Ezekiel provided us hasn’t changed. For decades, readers have been treated to the same information on the same chapter.

Hopefully, as his series progresses, Mark Hitchcock will go deeper into lesser known prophetic Scripture instead of popular ones. Whether we know who’s involved or not, the primary wisdom lies in trusting God for our futures & believing in His Son, Jesus Christ. All else fails in comparison.

Of all the Ezekiel-inspired, non-fiction pieces, this one doesn’t get my top vote. It contains the right information with the right intention & for that I give it a 3 star rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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