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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Presents Set Games

stuff 001  Family owned & operated Set Games has provided consumers with a number of award-winning games. In this same tradition, they bring us ‘Karma’.

Two to Six players (ages 8+) can participate in this family card game. Using an elimination system, a ‘Karma’ winner is crowned when all of his or her cards are gone. Much like a ‘wild’ card in traditional card games, ‘Karma’ cards can be used to bail a player out of trouble. However, as the title implies, be careful with these cards as what goes around comes around.stuff 007

My family found ‘Karma’ to be a lot of fun. All 3 boys easily picked up on how to play & how not to play. As it usually goes, our youngest did the best. He’s a very good gamer! We also enjoyed that twist of the last player who has cards left loses. In a way, it makes everyone else a winner. The boys got a kick out of that. It creates a good competitive spirit & less sour grapes when the same person wins constantly.

As a parent, I love that it has a MSRP of $12.99 & appreciate that the box is small in size. We don’t have a lot of room to store games so I like that it can easily slide into a cabinet until the next Family Game Night. Both my husband & I were impressed with the number of awards that Set Games has won. ‘Karma’ itself is an award-winning game.

To be specific, in 2014, ‘Karma’ received: Parent’s Choice, MENSA Recommended Designation, Top Summer Toys from The Toy Insider, & The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. That’s very impressive!

stuff 008 On their website,, you’ll find all their outstanding game offerings as well as downloadable games. I love that they offer replacement parts & printable instructions for their games if you need them. To me, that’s great customer service.

You can find out more about Karma & Set’s other games at the following Medias:


I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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