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We all want to be warm in the winter months. But, let’s be honest, many hats, gloves, & socks fall short. Let Heat Holders be the difference maker for you & your recipients this year.

What sets them apart from your average store brand? No gizmos or gadgets. Heat Holders advanced insulating yarn traps warm air, made by your body, closer to your skin. This results in keeping you warmer for a longer amount of time.

BSGHH95_Ladies_Gloves_Purple_Large-X_Large_large For this review, we’ll take a look at a ladies’ hat & gloves. Please keep in mind that they offer products for men, women & children. These fabulous gloves (shown here in a stylish purple) look great and are absolutely functional. I’ve always had gloves that didn’t fit quite right & bunched while working or just wouldn’t stay put. With Thermal Gloves from Heat Holders, this is no longer an issue.

I love the Heat Holders Cuff, too. Extendable, it creates a longer ‘sleeve’ that fits snugly around the wrist. They are super comfortable. I didn’t want take them off! Another huge plus is the Heat Weaver Lining. The lining is so soft & plush.

Available in the same purple to match the gloves, Heat Holders’ Thermal Hat also has the Heat Weaver Insulation Liner. The hat has moisture wicking which is very helpful if you’re doing physical work outside this winter. It fits the head exceptionally well thanks to its stretchable material. You’ll have the same comfortable plush inside the hat as you do with the gloves. I appreciate that they have colors to match your hat & gloves.BSHHH95-Ladies-Purple-Hat_large

You’ll also notice on the packaging that there’s a TOG Rating. This was new to me & may be to you as well. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade. Basically, it’s the measure of textile thermal ability. In other words, the higher the rating, the better the product is at keeping you toasty. The hat is rated a 3.4 & the gloves a 2.3

Slippers, socks, plus the aforementioned items are all available via the website. There is a nice video on how they work as well. These are great for Secret Santa gifts for the office, Hanukah presents, & especially for those who have ‘everything’. Competitively priced, you’ll complete your gift list in no time.

There is something for everyone. Meteorologists are already calling for the same arctic chills we had all over the US last winter. Give Heat Holders for the Holidays. Your recipients will give you some very warm ‘thank yous’. Don’t forget to order some for yourself & your household especially if your Holiday travel plans include some frosty destinations!

I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine. (Pics belong to Heat Holders only.)

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