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hgg 008What is YOUR coffee doing to make the world a better place? Let’s be honest. When you buy coffee at your local store, the money benefits someone wearing a suit, living in a nice house, eating regular meals.

With so many of us starting our day with coffee, wouldn’t it be a better day to know that each cup was making someone’s life better? Rest assured there are companies who are willing to do that. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Blue Jazz Java! Blue Jazz is putting the needs of others above their bottom line.

By offering a product that consumers want (or need), combined with a greater good, Blue Jazz has set the bar a little higher. For this review, we’ll take a look at three specific coffees that they offer. Each is unique in its own way. Delivered in festive, silver bags, these whole bean coffees are sure to become the best part of your day.

Using only Arabica coffee beans, you’ll be singing the praises of Blue Jazz. First up, take a look at some flavored seasonal coffees. Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Flavored Coffee will send you on a nostalgic trip to Christmas morning with Grandma. Although we always aim to grind our own coffee, Blue gives you the choice between whole bean and ground. Serve this at your holiday brunch & you’ll definitely be crowned #1 Holiday Hostess.

hgg 002Keep the flavor profiles going with Pumpkin Harvest. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. What could go better with your pumpkin pie? The aroma it provides while brewing is exceptional. There’s no need to stop for a latte with this in your coffee pot. Flavored coffees are from Central America. The beans are flavor coated.

If you’re a traditional coffee connoisseur, opt for the ‘Our House Band’ Blend. Providing the rich coffee flavor that coffee addicts crave, you’ll keep this tune on repeat. This blend will keep you mellow & focused while those presents get wrapped or you’re shopping around town. Fill up your travel mug & avoid those crowded coffee shops that get you waylaid when your to-do list is full.hgg 009



This season is also the time when local schools & organizations do their fundraising. Instead of chocolate & wrapping paper, why not peddle coffee? Stand out from the crowd this year. Working on a very thin margin, kids can sell Blue Jazz  and double their money.  This program has been used to fund church youth trips, Young Life (coming in November), missions trips, etc. etc.  This program is available nationally.

Best of all, 20% of any order total on our website that comes through with the promo code TMP goes to Trash Mountain. The Trash Mountain Project goes into trash dump communities and essentially helps build a small town there with a church, school, aquaponics to feed them, and more.  Its Christ centered, and God’s hands are all over what they do. Two people from my Church, Jon & Elaine DeMeo, are heavily-involved in this phenomenal work. This is a perfect way to give back, enrich lives, & put God first.

Blue Jazz  Java is a remarkable company that knows what is really important in life. I can’t encourage you enough to give them your time & your business. Purchase some for your Church office, clergy, teachers, you name it & let them know that along with a great cup of coffee, they’ve also made a huge difference! What better gift could you give them?

Find Blue Jazz  Here:

I received the aforementioned product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.










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