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2014 Holiday Gift Guide Presents Vanett

vanett 001There’s no doubt that many women are asking for gifts of jewelry for the holidays. Not only does it make us feel pretty, but it can add that ‘Wow’ factor to any outfit.
For accessories you’ll want to wear all year long, turn to Vanett. Must-have jewelry, scarves, sunglasses & charms- find them all at unbelievable prices!
vanett 004For this review, we’ll focus on two specific pieces, but there’s not a piece on the site that I don’t absolutely love! First, let’s talk bracelets. This Gold Flexible Wire with Rhinestones Bracelet is sold individually but fabulous as a group. With a $4 price tag, why not get more than 1? Whether you’re wearing jeans & a sweater or going office chic, these bracelets are the perfect addition. They look like a million bucks without having to spend that much!
vanett 009I wore them as an outstanding trio with a casual outfit to go out with the family. Everywhere we went; I got compliments on them & asked where I got them.
vanett 006Now let’s talk statement necklaces with a necklace that definitely makes a statement! This Jade Natural Gemstone Statement Necklace is stunning to look at & fun to wear. Honestly, I can’t believe it has a $15 price tag. It’s such a quality piece. Natural gemstones are set in a gold setting are complimentary to any skin tone.
I love the chain length (16-18 inches, adjustable). It hung beautifully with a blouse & definitely catches people’s eyes. I received as many compliments on this piece, if not more, than on the bracelets. The green color is bold, but not overbearing. It’s comfortable enough to wear all day plus versatile enough to wear into the night.
All of Vanett’s pieces uphold a high standard. Not only are they making beauty affordable, but they make fashion fun. Their site is filled with impeccable pieces that women flip over. If you have a wedding coming soon, stretch your budget by purchasing gorgeous wedding jewelry from Everything is under $30!
Such care is taken with every order. Each piece comes in its own gift box, whether or not it’s a gift! I don’t know of any other company that does that. When a company cares enough to ship their product that carefully, it speaks to their character & customer appreciation. I love companies that care.
In a generous gesture, Vanett has offered a 20% discount on all orders when you use the code “DevotedMommy’. I really appreciate their willingness to bless my readers! So, now you can Holiday shop to your heart’s content on plus take 20% off their already low prices!
Be sure to visit them soon & check out their latest news & items on social media. You can find them at the following Medias:

Generously, Vanett is offering a giveaway to DMO3 readers. You can win the pieces I reviewed! IF THE RAFFLECOPTER DOESN’T SHOW, CLICK THE WORDS ‘A RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY’. A NEW WINDOW WILL OPEN. THIS HAPPENS WITH WORDPRESS BLOGS SOMETIMES.a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received the aforementioned products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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