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2014 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Clergy

Clergy fall into 2 gift-giving categories. Either ‘they have everything’ or ‘I-don’t know what to get them’. A great way to show that you appreciate them is to give them a gift that helps them grow in the Spiritual walk.
Zondervan now offers the NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Leaders. Great for committing to spend time in God’s Word daily, this Bible is precisely organized for busy leaders. Daily readings offer bite-sized devotions from either the Old or New Testament. There are 365. Leaders will also be treated to inspirational messages from great men & women of God such as Max Lucado & Chuck Swindoll.
Reading plans are also included such as reading through the Bible in one year. But, this plan doesn’t have dates. It uses numbers to keep track along with check boxes.
You’ll notice that this Bible is slightly different from those that you’ve seen before. Instead of the traditional Genesis through Revelation set-up, page one begins with Day 1 & a hand-picked reading for the day. For instance, Day 54 has readings from Leviticus, Mark, & Psalm.
I love the way it is done. It keeps your Bible reading fresh & instead of knowing exactly what Book, chapter & verse you’re headed to next, it’s a bit of a surprise for you. After all clergy do for us, it’s nice that Zondervan has offered something just for them.
It’s a 5 star present & they will definitely appreciate your thoughts & efforts.
I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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