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Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat: Pamela Smith


Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat

Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat: Your Handbook For a Perfect Move
by Pamela Smith
Genre: Nonfiction, How-To



Relocating to a new place, away from the people you care about and away from your familiar surroundings, may prove to be more difficult than you ever imagined. And regardless of whether it is а local, cross-country or international move, there will be an overwhelming number of factors to consider before you can make the right choice under the circumstances. Remember that information is your best friend and helper in your imminent decision, and that help is always available in one form or another.
Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat: Your Handbook For A Perfect Move is your invaluable helper during these transitional times. This book covers everything you need to know before, during and after your residential or long-distance relocation: from the fascinating history of the moving industry, through great practical moving tips and ultimate packing guides to best ways to relocate locally, interstate or abroad with your children, pets or plants, plus a wide range of various personal possessions. Also, the book offers helpful DIY advice and an extensive section of what to do once you’ve moved to your new home (including tips for resolving issues with your mover). And much, much more!
Its end will surely bring a smile on your face.
Be well informed.
Be ready for the challenge.
Find yourself in the driver’s seat of this moving adventure.


My Thoughts:

I’ve moved a total of 6 times in my 30+ years on Earth & not one of them could be called enjoyable. Something always got broken. There are things I still haven’t found years later. Honestly, I wish I’d have read this book at some point between, during, or before those moves.

Obviously, if you want to do something right, you ask an expert’s opinion. Pamela Smith is not only an expert in her industry, but she imparts her wisdom with humor & an understanding of how stressful moving can be.

Perhaps the best housewarming gift can be given before the move takes place. Gift a copy of this book to friends, relatives, etc. how are thinking about moving or are ready to move. If nothing else, you’ll give them a little peace by sharing Pamela’s wisdom.

A pleasant, non-fiction read ‘Relocating’ may not have much contemporary competition, but that’s okay considering it was already in a league of its own. Well-done, Pamela Smith has delivered a 5 star piece.


Author Bio:


Pamela Smith is an expert in the moving industry and a contributor to – one of the leading moving company review websites. As an experienced specialist in the relocation industry, she is dedicated to finding the major problems that people most often encounter when moving and proposing the best possible solutions. While browsing through the numerous useful moving resources, relocation guides and moving industry news, you can’t help but notice her earnest publications and in-depth analysis on almost any kind of moving-related topic one can imagine. Pamela is truly devoted to her work and writes with the same lively passion with which she dances her favorite salsa every weekend at the local dance club.


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