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Covert: Natasha Preston

A weekend at a cabin sounds like the perfect getaway for a group of lifelong friends. Well, it might be, if they were all truly friends. Mackenzie, Josh, Kyle, Courtney, Aaron, & Megan have been through a lot. After the death of two members of their group a year prior in an unfortunate accident, things have been strained. Everyone is perturbed at Josh for comments he made regarding the 2 deaths & at his girlfriend, Courtney for backing him.

Nevertheless, he’s invited them all to his cabin & has even included his estranged brother, Blake in the mix. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the crew eats, drinks, & tries to forget the past. Once everyone falls asleep though, things take a very nasty turn. Awaiting them the next morning in the kitchen are the butchered bodies of Josh & Courtney.

Police investigation reveals that there were no intruders. That only stands to reason that there is a murderer in the group. Mackenzie takes the lead in solving her friends’ deaths. Now that she’s lost 4 friends, can she solve the murders before she’s next?

‘Covert’ involves friends in their late teens/early twenties but is hardly YA fiction. There’s a bit of sex but nothing graphic or even descriptive. Readers will likely pick their suspect early on, but are likely to be surprised by the ending, which is always a great quality in a thriller.

All in all, Natasha Preston did a good job bringing all the action & clues together in her novel. There are a few places where dialogue is a bit repetitious & lengthy. The police do a half-hearted job of investigation, in my opinion (& Mackenzie’s opinion, too!). But, I’d certainly read more from our author. Four stars for ‘Covert’.

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