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The Red Sea Rules: Robert J. Morgan

_225_350_Book.1203.coverOne of the Old Testament’s most often told & a beloved Bible story is of the parting of the Red Sea. Upon leaving Egypt, the Israelites found themselves up against the sea with no foreseeable way to cross it. Showing His power & love for His people, God parted the Sea so that they could safely cross.

Robert J. Morgan revisited this story during a flight to New York. Turning to Exodus 14 while pondering a family crisis, he felt the leading of the Holy Spirit to write some notes about the Israelites’ Exodus. As a result, this book was formed.

Compiling 10 long-term rules to follow, Mr. Morgan shows that if the Lord led us into something then He will lead us out again. Each Red Sea Rule can be applied to any situation that one may be in. Written in plain-speak without judgment, his list provides practical, comforting advice.

This is a fresh, new take on the frequently repeated Exodus story. Readers will find Mr. Morgan’s perspective not only enlightening, but also very relevant to today’s world.

‘The Red Sea Rules’ is not a lengthy book, but great books needn’t be lengthy. His writing style is much a like man telling you how he was able to overcome an adversity with the Lord’s help. At no time is he condescending & it was very refreshing to see a chapter regarding messes we got ourselves into. Not often will one find a piece like this that openly admits that we habitually ‘did-this-to-ourselves’. I was grateful to see that.

Because of its uplifting approach & guidance from a personal level, I give it a 5 star rating. Find more info via & via the publisher, Thomas Nelson. I was provided an eBook in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

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